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The Benefits of Traffic Flow Planning for Construction Sites in North Island Service Areas

Construction sites in Campbell River and Comox Valley utilize traffic control services for a variety of different reasons. Traffic control services by professional Traffic Control Persons from Comox Valley's D.K.I Services Ltd. are crucial in construction areas that see any sort of regular vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian traffic.

Four of the main benefits of traffic flow planning and other traffic control services for your Campbell River area construction site are:

To ensure the safety of road users and workers

The most important benefit of traffic flow planning at construction sites is that it helps to ensure safety for all construction workers and all road users, such as motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. If work begins with no forethought to how road users will get around the area, it is likely to create confusion and can easily lead to accidents.

Construction zones often require that traffic be directed around typical roads and pathways. Only a well-planned and well-monitored system of directing road users around the area will ensure that they don't run into any construction hazards and that workers are able to focus on their work.

To allow for accessibility and through traffic

Next to safety, most motorists are concerned about construction sites allowing for through traffic. Having two lanes open for two-way traffic is ideal, or, at the very least, an efficient flow pattern which alternates between alternating traffic lanes with minimal wait times should be set up. Furthermore, cars should never hit dead-ends where reversing is the only option.

Keeping the area accessible to cyclists and pedestrians is another important concern which can only be addressed by professional traffic flow planning services. The construction site should ideally not restrict community access to the area any more than it has to.

To keep pedestrians and vehicles separate

If pedestrians are going to be allowed in and around the construction area, then the traffic flow plan must be able to keep them safely away from motor vehicles. A proper traffic flow plan which utilizes barriers and clearly marked entrances and exits will ensure that pedestrian walkways are available away from through traffic routes.

To limit on-site traffic

Traffic should flow around construction sites, but never through them. For security and safety reasons, it is important for on-site traffic to be limited to workers. Traffic flow planning can help ensure that no motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians make a wrong turn into the construction site.

Trusted Campbell River and Comox Valley Traffic Control Services

D.K.I Services is a trusted Comox Valley and Campbell River traffic control services provider that has been offering traffic flow planning services for more than two decades. We ensure high-quality services for all of our clients, whether those services are needed for a small commercial construction site or a large municipal road construction project.

Whatever the size and scope of your project may be, you can count on D.K.I Services. We invite you to get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help you.

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