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Cracked Asphalt

Asphalt Preventative Maintenance Specialists.

Crack Sealing for Highways, Roads, and Parking Lots Across North Vancouver Island

For All Your Paving Needs.

Our roads are important and they should be properly maintained and taken care of. Cracks in the road are unsightly and can lead to much further damage if they are left untreated. At D.K.I Services, we specialize in crack sealing on public roads, parking lots, and pedestrian asphalt surfaces in Merville and throughout the North Vancouver Island region.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, such as Cimline M3-230 Crack Sealing Machines, Cimline PCR25 Routers, and Cimline Hot Rod Heat Lances, to ensure that our roadways are kept crack-free.


Crack sealing is the number one way to preserve roads and save money. It prevents water from getting into the subbase of the road, which can cause the asphalt to crack and break under heavy traffic. Left alone, cracks will propagate and multiply as time goes on, which leads to much more costly repairs in the future.


We can route (optional) and clean out your cracks with hot, compressed air and heat lance them if any moisture is present. Then, we fill them with a hot, liquid, rubberized sealer that is injected into the crack and then tooled or banded over it. The result is a waterproof surface that won’t allow water penetration into the subbase for years.


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Crack Sealing

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D.K.I Services is your local asphalt paving and maintenance provider throughout North Vancouver Island.

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