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Curved white road markings on asphalt

Asphalt Preventative Maintenance Specialists.

Road Line Painting Services in the North Vancouver Island Region

For All Your Paving Needs.

Road line painting is a vital part of maintaining infrastructure in the North Vancouver Island area. High-quality services are a key part of ensuring they can hold up to the rigours of daily use. D.K.I Services provides road line painting services for commercial, industrial, governmental, institutional and residential clients.

We are able to provide line painting for a wide range of applications, including:

Parking Lots

  • New layout and design

  • Re-painting existing lines

  • Stenciling, lettering, numbering, logos

  • Safety marking and skid-resistant coatings


  • New layout and re-painting

  • Paint and thermoplastic applications

  • Safety marking and skid-resistant applications for:

    • Bike lanes

    • Crosswalks

    • School zones

  • Municipal and rural roadways

Specialized Areas

  • School zones

  • Hospitals

  • Senior centres and retirement

  • Civic centres

  • Parks and recreation

    • Skid-resistant

    • Highly reflective

    • Environmentally friendly

  • Airports and Flight Control

  • Hospital and civil helicopter pads

  • Private, municipal, federal

Commercial and Industrial

  • Dock marking

  • Delivery lanes

  • Access/egress arrows

To request a quote on our line painting and road marking services, please feel free to give us a call today.

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D.K.I Services is your local asphalt paving and maintenance provider throughout North Vancouver Island.

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