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Traffic Control and Road Flagging in Comox Valley and North Vancouver Island

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Traffic control services are a key part of road safety. Whether you have construction crews working on the road or for any other reason, traffic management ensures everyone stays safe during their drive home. When you need traffic management planning, that’s when you can call D.K.I Services. We are up to date on all the laws and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) and can offer advice to our clients on ways to make their projects run as smoothly as possible throughout North Vancouver Island.


We offer flagging and lane closure services, offered by our BC Construction Safety Alliance qualified Traffic Control Person. That means they have been trained for a multitude of situations. Additionally, we can provide

Message boards/arrow boards

Sign rentals

Traffic control plans

Cones, drums, delineators

Customed equipped trucks with arrow boards and equipment

We know that your time is valuable, so we make an effort to accommodate your schedule. If you require our traffic control services after typical business hours, we offer flexible time frames with all our services to perform the requested work.

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Diagram of a two-lane roadway lane closure with traffic control points and signage

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D.K.I Services is your local asphalt paving and maintenance provider throughout North Vancouver Island.

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