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How Traffic Control Signs Provide Safety for All Road Users in North Island Areas

Road construction zones can be tricky and confusing for road users to navigate. Improper road signage and unclear warnings can put everyone at risk, including the motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists using the road, as well as the workers who are working on it.

Utilizing Campbell River, Comox Valley and surrounding North Island traffic control services in areas of road construction can help keep traffic flowing safely and efficiently. The traffic control services offered by the traffic control experts at D.K.I Services Ltd. can increase safety by providing road users with:


Traffic control signs are there to give road users all of the information they need to safely navigate the area. Regulations such as how fast motorists are allowed to go in construction zones need to be clear and easily understood.


Professional traffic control services in Campbell River, Comox Valley and surrounding North Island service areas can ensure that all of the proper warnings are in place. This allows all road users to know how to safely navigate the area and which areas to either avoid or be cautious around.


Ultimately, traffic control signs are there to provide all motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians with guidance. This ensures that traffic is kept flowing in a safe and effective manner, reducing delays and helping everyone make their way through the area.

Types of Traffic Control Signs

Clear, reflective, and professional safety signs can alert all road users speed limits, road rules, and nearby hazards. These signs can be further accentuated by the use of large message boards that go beyond static alerts and offer real-time information to motorists such as what kinds of hazards may lie ahead or how long the wait may be to their destination if they decide to proceed. Arrow boards also ensure that vehicles get in the proper lane as soon as possible.

Traffic cones, delineators, and drums are also an indispensable form of signage for the safety of road construction sites. Traffic cones alert drivers to the need for caution and can be used to safely redirect the flow of traffic. Delineators go even further and make lane alignment excessively clear in confusing areas, such as in areas where traffic has been directed into regularly opposing lanes. Finally, drums also help to direct traffic, and to alert drivers of road irregularities and hazards.

Traffic Control Signs for All of Your Needs

If you're looking for traffic control services in the Comox Valley, Campbell River and surrounding North Island service areas, then D.K.I Services is here to help you ensure the safety or all workers and motorists during the course of your construction project.

We can provide you with all of the traffic control signs described above, as well as with other traffic control services, such as lane closures and flagging. We know the area and have been helping Comox Valley residents and construction workers safely go about their days for the past 20 years.

Don't delay your project because of a lack of traffic control signs. Contact D.K.I Services for a consultation today.

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