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Four Signs That Your Driveway Needs Repaving in Vancouver Island

Asphalt driveways can last for two or three decades if well taken care of, but even the most astutely maintained asphalt surface is going to need to be repaved eventually. Don't leave an old and weathered driveway to deteriorate and end up causing damage to your vehicles; watch out for the signs and get it repaved when its time.

You'll know it's time to call the Vancouver Island paving experts at D.K.I Services Ltd. when you start seeing these four signs on your asphalt driveway:

1) Numerous cracks

Cracks present a major problem for any driveway, as they will simply continue to expand as water and ice make their way inside. A few cracks on an asphalt driveway can usually be successfully repaired, but numerous cracks are a sign that the materials holding the driveway together are getting old and beginning to lose their strength. The longer you leave them and the more you drive over them, the worse the cracks will get. At D.K.I Services Ltd., we have specialized equipment and knowledgeable workers to repair asphalt pavement cracks that will ensure the longevity of your asphalt driveway.

2) Developing potholes

If you notice that there are potholes developing on your driveway, then there is no question that you need D.K.I Services Ltd. Every time it rains, the potholes will likely grow bigger and bigger. Unlike crack repair, which can be a successful, long-term solution, filling a pothole is only ever a temporary fix. Not only can potholes lead to vehicle damage, but they also pose a tripping hazard for your family and for anyone else that comes to your property.

3) Drainage problems

Water can wreak havoc on an asphalt surface, and the damage can be further compounded by a driveway that had developed drainage issues. If your driveway has pools of standing water after it rains or if water drains down the middle rather than off to the sides, then it's only a matter of time before any cracks grow and start turning into holes. A new driveway with a proper slope is your best solution, however there may be corrective measures that will promote proper drainage and limit the standing (pooling) water areas.

4) An increasingly weathered look

While any asphalt driveway will fade with time, at a certain point you are going to start noticing that it has begun to look significantly weathered and old. If cracks, potholes, and drainage problems start showing up shortly after the fading has become noticeable, then your driveway has reached the end of its usable life and needs to be repaved.

Need Driveway Repaving? Count on D.K.I Services Ltd. -  the Local Paving Professionals on Vancouver Island

Sometimes an asphalt driveway simply needs some repairs. Other times, such as when it's showing the signs above, you have to contact a local paving company in order to restore functionality and appearance.

D.K.I Services Ltd. Provides complete asphalt paving services on Vancouver Island, and we offer free estimates and consultations as well. We'll let you know if your driveway needs repaving, and we'll work with your schedule to get it done.

A new driveway is a great investment that will last you for a long time to come. Contact D.K.I Services Ltd. to get started on your driveway repaving.

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