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10 Important Construction Zone Safety Tips

Construction zones in North Island service areas such as Campbell River and the Comox Valley require the special consideration of all motorists. The North Island service area traffic management and traffic control service providers at D.K.I Services Ltd. would like to remind you of 10 important construction zone safety tips:

1) Stay alert

As soon as you enter a construction zone you need to stay cautious and alert. Traffic control services may be set up to reduce speed limits and change regular traffic patterns. Pay attention and know where you need to go.

2) Stay calm

Even if you're in a hurry, it is important to stay calm when you encounter construction zone traffic management. Getting frustrated won't get you through any faster, and may even interfere with your focus.

3) Note all signage

Construction zone signs are there to provide you with important information about the conditions ahead. Make sure you note what they say so that you react in the proper amount of time to their instructions.

4) Reduce your speed 

When passing through construction zones in North Island service areas, it is critical that you reduce your speed down to the posted speed limits. Driving the speed limit enhances safety for yourself, for other drivers, and for construction workers.

5) Signal 

If you're going to be merging or changing lanes in a construction zone, you must make sure to clearly use your signals. With so much going on around you and the other drivers, clear communication is key.

6) Comply with directions

When encountering traffic control services in the Campbell River and Comox Valley areas, it is in your best interest to comply with all directions. Any instructions that are given to you are given for your safety and for the safety of those around you.

7) Drive defensively

The best way to get through construction zones with no incidences is to practice defensive driving. Avoid rear-end collisions by always leaving enough space from the car in front of you to break in time.

8) Watch for lane closures 

Lane closures are common in construction zones, so watch for the signs indicating them and react by merging as soon as it is safely possible to do so. Try not to leave your lane changes until the last possible moment.

9) Watch the sides

As well as watching out for the vehicle in front of you, keep an eye on the sides of the road as well. You may be passing by construction workers, equipment, and traffic barriers, so make sure you leave enough space beside your vehicle.

10) Plan ahead

Finally, the best construction zone safety tip is to plan ahead and either leave earlier so that you make it to your destination on time, or to try avoiding construction zones all together by planning a detour. Traffic control services will often set up signs for detours as well.

D.K.I Services Ltd. is proud to provide traffic management and traffic control services in Campbell River, the Comox Valley, and throughout North Island service areas. If you have any questions about construction zone safety or are in need of traffic management, feel free to give D.K.I Services Ltd. a call today.

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